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Papyrus Sierra Car Racing Simulations
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Papyrus Sierra Car Racing Simulations

Papyrus made some of the most impressive and most realistic racing simulations for the PC, of which some are included here:

1989 - Indianapolis 500: The Simulation
Can't say much about this title, never played it myself. It's a rather old DOS game. Included for its small filesize.

1993 - IndyCar Racing
DOS game, never could get the sound to work. Included for its small filesize.

1994 - Nascar Racing
One of the more detailled, nicely made DOS games.

1998 - Grand Prix Legends
One of, if not the most realistic racing sim ever. Extremely realistic physics, but rather difficult to play. Well worth the effort though. The graphics are pretty good for a 1998 game. The game is patched to version 1.2 and a Direcd 3D renderer is included for better looks and performance (select from the video menu).

1998 - Nascar Legends
Nascar Racing with vintage cars. Asks for CD initially, but message can be ignored. Works without CD like all other games in this collection.

1998 - Viper Racing
Not really a Papyrus game, but from a company called Monster Games Inc., which consisted partially of former Papyrus members, thus the similarity in their games. A nice Dodge Viper racing sim. Can be played in arcade as well as in simulation mode. Realistic physics. When using XP, run the .bat file instead of the .exe or set to Win95 compatibility mode.

2000 - Nascar Racing 3 + Craftsman Truck expansion pack
Purchased this together with Nascar Legends in a 3CD set, never played it much though, GPL was always my favorite, followed by Viper Racing.

All files are self-extracting archives, which extract to individual folders. No automatic program list entry or shortcuts created on the desktop, just folders, which you can move around on your harddrive as you wish.


If you have Indycar Racing 2 or Nascar Racing 2, please upload. Thank you.
thank you for these games, i never had the chance to try them :)
Indianapolis 500 is the most realistic simulator ever! That was my favourit at Amiga era. Thx man!
are these games DEMO versions
nascar 3 dosen't work :(
These are full versions. I've just used an efficient compression scheme (7z sfx archive), thus the small file size.
goto for 500+tracks. go here for RaceSimCentral forums a small devout gpl simmers place,5000+ setups here. then look up GPL2004 demo. it has all the patches in one, just put the 10 tracks in there. goto and igor&gem+ v.2.5.9 to play online.
I have downloaded them but can't get the games to play....can someone help out a computer illiterate player...I'm new at this torrent business...and quick I'm getting frustrated.
Hey thanks for this! It's appreciated.
I cant locate any seeds for this file :S
Is it possible to get these games to play on Windows 7 64bit? I really want to play NASCAR Legends again.