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2010-01-15 12:13:58 GMT
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*** Small-sized 2-pass re-encode of 720p for computers (PC, Mac), PS3 or Xbox, portable and mobile devices (Ipod, Itouch) . ***
*** Video is 480x272 H264; audio is 44.1 kHz/stereo AAC LC and container is MP4. ***

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Tuesday: 24, H.I.M.Y.M, Heroes, Chuck, TBBT, Castle as MP4 H264; ~3.48 MB/minute
Wednesday: White Collar as MP4 H264; ~3.48 MB/minute
Thursday: Crim. M, Law & Order SVU (maybe on Wednesday, depends on Canadian airing), Human Target as MP4 H264; ~3.48 MB/minute
Friday:  30 R as 360p, Grey’s A., The Mentalist, Fringe as MP4 H264; ~3.48 MB/minute 
Saturday: Dollhouse as 360p (MP4 H264)
Sunday:  Legend o.t.S. as MP4 H264; ~3.48 MB/minute, re-seed of week's episodes
Monday:  Desp.H (this Monday S08E1-E2 of 24 and Human Target pilot), Wallander and Being Human as MP4 H264; ~3.48 MB/minute
Double-episodes, requests or Pilot ep. will be issued only as MP4 or 360p.
MP4 is ISO 14496-1(H264 video & AAC LC sound) and playable on PCs, Macs and hopefully (read Comment before download; I check every file for iTunes compliance) on iPod-like portable-mobile devices.
360p is fully compatible with newer iPod, iTouch and Nokia U97. 
Requests should be posted in Comments section of newest torrents.
"Out of schedule" shows or pilot-episodes may get uploaded randomly, if situation arise (free slots).

I recommend CoreCodec for H264 (avc1, x264) video-playback, free DivX 7 for AAC sound-playback (and .mkv with AAC), Haali splitter (free, comes with CoreCodec) as the fastest and best combination for Windows Media Player. This is what I use.
VLC player (free), mplayer (free) and KMplayer (free) are available as alternative for all platforms (operating systems) out there and have BUILT-IN codecs and MP4 capabilities. But, video quality is approx. 10-15% lower, blurrier at least on system I have.
One can try CCCP matroska codec pack, where ffdshow codec/filter packs and Haali splitter comes in one package and support MP4 playback - but extra caution is required during the install process.
QuickTime of course, supports H264/AAC natively.
PS3 + HDMI cable + newer TV have been reported as best combination.
And please, do not watch it with a nose in the screen, take proper distance to the monitor or TV (as advised in TV manuals).


well i neva watch non-indian tele-stuff
i just tried Friends and with in a couple of month i completed its every season . i just loved it .
and then today i found thr is a seperate couple of seasons made of a character called " JOEY " ..

im so thrilled to watch it but i cannot find good seeding torrents for that and offcorz its gonna take long for my net speed to complete

so any idea wt shud i do?need help
@htctouch: Google search term is
Joey Season 1,2 DVDRip.x264 (60MB)
On one page you have all episodes of both seasons.
Bookmark this page. Click and download one by one.
i tried tht but links arent working . thrs no active torrent avlbl in 60 mb size per episode of joey
huh i wish i cud hv downloaded whn they were alive , but i wasnt knowin abt the season b4 :(
Thanx 20/40.Very good download speed too.
@htctouch: My friend, I always forget that you know nothing, and I must use simpler language:

OK, have you learned how to copy some text from one place to another? One can MARK some text going with cursor over it holding the left mouse button pressed. OK? So, go on such way over the first line - address where first episode is stored. This portion of text must change the color - that's called "marking the text". Immediately after press the right mouse button and in drop-down list choose "Copy". Then move the cursor in "Address" window of your browser and press right mouse button. Choose "Paste". OK? By doing that our marked line of the text is copied and pasted in address window, and then you press "Enter" or click on "Go" what transfers you on download page.

Repeat such procedure for every line - one episode in the rar archive. Extract the archive after the download. Play such .mkv audio/video file as you usually do for Matroska files.

When you asked for help, I have found that page and I have checked if the links are OK. And yes, they are OK and good because I've checked them again few moments before I wrote this lines.

@lilars: Thank you. Today is "busy" day.
Thanks, i really appreciate the size, and appreciate the work you do.
lolz..sir im not tht dumb..i knw copying n stuff
m just new to the torrents.
sory 4 not being specific..the problm a mesg while goin through rshr link i.e
Unfortunately right now our servers are overloaded and we have no more download slots left for non-members. Of course you can also try again later.
[i dont hv a premium acnt on r.share] iv also tried downloadin through rhare downloader tool by majorshrdotcom..but no use
@htctouch: Don't get me wrong, my friend, but how should I know who you are and what and how much do you know?
Only thing I can I have done - "read" (decipher) what do you trying to say. I do not know other ways and do this even better than I should.

You have said: "i tried tht but links arent working ."

What else can come across? I have pointed you how to do it - because links are fine.
But - IF you know the matter, you'll know that rshr servers are busy - and one should just - wait.

I do it everyday. To get free access. And I am patient with RSHR as I am patient over the top with you but:

consider this case closed.
yeh thts y sir i said sory 4 not being specific
please dont b angry :( it will bother me as im ur fan
and bro im trying for many hours trying to downld frm rshare but no progress
neways thanx 4 ur precious time to discuss n guide me , m rly sry if i spk smthin out of my lg .
here you go htctouch -, as these are rs links get an automatic downloader like jdownloader or cryptload or if you have premium then youre a lucky bastard. and p.s. 2040 your torrents rule, you are like the poor bandwidth mans king, if that makes any sense. im a big fan of your torrents since mininova, seriously man the resolution you get is awesome
@blushroom: Thank you for doing that, 'cause I cannot. Day ago I wrote almost exactly the same, but such words and links cannot be posted by uploaders and such comment text was rejected by database three times...
For other kind words - thank you very much.