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2010-01-22 05:23:12 GMT
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        Proudly Presents       
          Release Type.....: HDTV                                   
           Series...........: Fringe                                 
           Genre............: Drama                                  
             Episode..........: S02E13                                
            Title............: What Lies Below                       
             Production Code..: FR-212                                 
             Orig. Air Date...: 21 Jan 2010                            
             Release Date.....: 21 Jan 2010                            
             Source...........: 720p HDTV                              
             Video Format.....: XviD                                   
             Video Resolution.: 624x352                                
             Video Bitrate....: 982 kbps                               
             Video Framerate..: 23.976                                 
           Audio Format.....: MP3 VBR                                
           Audio Bitrate....: 143 kbps average                       
           Audio Sample Rate: 48 KHz                                 
           Length...........: 43:00.872                              
         Size.............: 367,004,422                           
            Packs............: 19*20MB = 350MB                         
         Olivia and Peter discover that a lethal virus is connected    
         to their latest case, where a man had his veins erupt,        
         but are quarantined by the CDC, and Walther and the others    
          must race to save them from becoming infected and dying.      
         Release  Notes    
          Group Greets     
                           CTU, ORENJi, 2HD, DHD                       
            and all other groups that choose quality over speed         
       Contact Info      
       We are currently looking for:                                  
           * US/CA cappers with HDTV and/or DSR feed - min 60 kB/s      
         GROUP NEWS: No, we will not affil your brand new/DR/colo site, 
                     so please don't ask. Thanks!                       
         contact: Ask your friends. Email is dead.                    
         FQM              FQM 


thanks tvteam
that was a fast up! hasnt even aired seen on the west yet....
Juggalo530, sorry dude but it's scene rule.

TvTeam is uploading scene releases only.
It's pointless to keep an .avi file archived. It can't be infected, and after downloading, you would have to keep both the .rar files and the unzipped video in order to seed and watch, wasting hard disk space. I will download, but after I unzip it, I am deleting the .rar files (so no seeding). This is bittorrent, not usenet.
Sorry, I meant I will seed until I watch it, then I will have to delete the rar files (hopefully after 1:1). And thanks TvTeam for the quick upload.
Scene rule for distributing large files over Usenet, not fucking BitTorrent.
Just found the torrent from eztv, no rar! Fuck "the scene." This is BT not usenet.

Stopped downloading and will restart on the raw avi like it should be done.
thank you.

i unzip and then delete the .rar files. keep the .avi file.

everything else is waste of space.
Thanks TvTeam, you're quick, clean and have shown to be very dependable, consisantly beating EZTV to the punch. As the comments show most people DO NOT want "rars". They're probably recorded as "avi's" then rared uploaded the have to be unpacked back to avi's,does'nt seem to make sense. Please please please think about "avi"
Said before and I'll say it again. Fuck "the scene" and fuck rars. It's a pain in my ass to have to extract this shit just because you want to stick to some obsolete rules. If people want fills of rars they got from Usenet, let them go back to Usenet to get them.
Fuck you go by a faster pc you cheap skate!


-------------------------- [email protected]
adventurjunky: If you're talking to me, it's not the speed, it the waste of my time and effort to have to unpack it for no good reason or benefit.

FYI: My systems include: Quad Core AMD Phenom @ 2.30 GHz w/ 8GB RAM, Dual Core AMD @ 2+GHz w/ 4GB RAM and an Intel Core Duo @ 1.66 GHZ w/ 4GB RAM. I also have upwards of 5TB of storage, all told .

Did some reading about "the scene" trying to find out why everything's RARed. Sound like it's about 10 guys sitting around stroking each others' cocks.
Group cock-stroking sounds like fun.

Thanks for the upload. I don't get why people are so upset about a few minutes of unraring and 350 extra MB on their terabyte hard drives.