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MAGIX Music Maker 18 MX Premium [complete & working]
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magix music maker digital audio workstation daw

2011-10-20 20:07:54 GMT
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MAGIX Music Maker MX Premium 18
Fully functional and complete with working patch, Sound Packages and update functionality

This is the full package. All content included. No need to download any other components except for the occasional update. If you find yourself using the program regularly and can afford it, you should consider showing the developers some appreciation by purchasing it regularly, but I guess you already know that.

I want to thank the people who provided the patch. What I did was to add the sound packages to make it a full package as well as the above installation instructions. I hope you enjoy. 

Feel free to visit my other torrents at and leave me a comment there.


1) Uninstall previous versions.
2) Run "Music_Maker_MX_Premium.exe" and go through installation procedure. It is recommended to use the default installation path. Other locations may work, but I have not tested this.
3) Make sure the program is not running.
4) Open "Patch" folder and run "Patch.exe". 
5) Push "Patch" button and select "Protein.dll" to be patched [default location: C:\Program Files\MAGIX\Music_Maker_MX_Premium_Download_Version\Protein\Protein.dll].
6) Start the program. At the serial screen, just click "cancel". Close the program.
7) Go to "Sound Packages" folder and run the eight installers, one by one. The order doesn't matter.
8) At first startup, the program should ask you if you want to use the packages. Confirm with "yes" each time.
9) To enable advanced features, in the program interface in the upper left corner, just below the MAGIX logo there is a switch for toggling easy mode off and on. Set it to "off" (right symbol should be illuminated) to access full functionality.
10) In the program, from the menu choose: Help -> Update Program -> Online Update to search for updates. If it asks for the serial, just click "cancel".

There's a keygen included in the "Patch" folder, in case you should need it for activating codecs or other Magix programs. I have not tested this.

Description of program:

MAGIX is famous for producing powerful music creation software that can be used by beginners and advanced musicians, and even non-musicians, alike. Anyone who has used previous versions of Music Maker will be aware of how the program works. Rather than requiring you to start completely from scratch when it comes to music creation, you are instead provided with a series of building blocks that can be pieced together to create music of any style.

If you want to get creative, but simply don't know where to start, or don't have access toinstruments of your own, there are more than 1,500 loops and samplesto choose from in the app - if this isn't enough, head to the online sound archive where you'll find an additional 2,000 sounds. The program also includes Lead Synth that can be used to create melodies, but the effects and filter can also be used to create all manner of interesting sounds. There's also a drum machine on hand to help you create the'perfect backbeat, while the Loop Designer enable you to create your own loops rather than relying on premade samples.

You are not limited to working with sounds that are included with the program or have been created by other people and made available online. MAGIX Music Maker also gives you the option of working with real instruments, or plugging in a microphone to record vocal tracks. Used a recording studio in this way, you can turn to MAGIX Music Maker to record and use samples played on your own instruments, or you can record entire instrumental tracks and them add special effects and other samples.

The latest generation of music creation software from MAGIX includes a cloud component that can be used to make your music creations available online. You can store projects in secure online space so you can access and edit them from any computer with an internet connection, and you also have the option of sharing creations online through the likes of YouTube and Facebook. The new range of MX (or Media-X-change) title also makes it easier to share data between applications - create a piece of music in Music Maker MX and it can be shared to other MAGIX apps.

This Premium edition of Music Maker MX (v18) includes more than 2,000 additional sounds and loops as well as impressively realistic guitar sounds and an electric bass instrument. While the standard version of the software allows for up to 64 tracks in a project, the Premium edition allows for up to 96. There are also a number of additional features including an analog compressor and synthesiser, a copy of Music Editor 3 that can be used to edit samples,and the ability to mix your tracks in 5.1 surround sound.


hey trialanderror, do you think you could seed this a little, i wouldn't even care if your the only one seeding,at least i would be able to get the full file. thanks
thank you guys for jumping in,maybe i will get this down tonight
yeah, the initial seeding will take a couple of hours, but once there are a couple of seeds, it should be a smooth experience.
hey trialanderror, is there anyway you can upload the patch for this, my download would not finish(kept shuting off)right at the end, 99.9% . the last folder to be downloaded is the patch,and mine won't work. anyway ,if you can,if you would up the patch i would be very gratefull, thanks
AVG detects that the "Patch.exe" file contains the "Generic19.BKHB" trojan file...Anyone else saw this?
Thanks trialanderror, very nice upload, no bugs, patch gets flagged by Comodo AV but it's a false positive. Cheers.
patch didn't work for me.

When i ran the patch on Protein.dll it said nothing was patched. I ran magix music maker and clicked cancel when it gave me the option to enter a serial number, buy the product online or continue with the trail
Azille, I got the trojan warning as well.
Dont get the patch to work
For all you jazzers out there I recommend using version 17 instead. It has nice jazz drums and saxophone synths that this version lacks.
Hey, Thnkx for the upload but can u plz make another patch or tell me a fix cuz its not working... when i close the program (it says serial number , trial or purchase the program...) and open the eight installers for the sound it says u have to unlock MMMX before u install the sound packs... and
the patch that "Patching done" ... so i dont know what to do plz help and reply ASAP
you need to run the patch as administrator.
Thanks again!
i cant open the patch file? anyone that can help me?
patch NOT WORKING ! ! !
Patch doesn't work and got a Trojan. thanks a lot.....
Patch does work (run as administrator) but the sound packages that come with this do not. When I run them it says "You must install the full version of Music Maker MX" or whatever, even though I have.
"Herp Derp... doesn't work"

read the fucking directions and stop skipping steps. This works great!

1- Make sure you installed all of them (Step 7)
2- Then open Magix Music Maker
3- Go to Soundpools
4- There are 2 words under the word "Keyboard" Called "Add Styles"
5- Make sure you can see hidden folders!
6- After you clicked add styles a small window will appear.. navigate to C:/ProgramData/MAGIX/Music_Maker_MX_Premium_Download_Version/
7- Now select ""EACH"" Folder by it self and click Select folder..
8- Repeat step 7 on each folder until you have all the styles

Good Luck
NVM fuck it it's not working the packages are broke fuck this
I installed this just fine on xp 32. Had some problems now that I upgraded to win 7 64. Make sure and run the patcher as administrator or it wont work. It will say it patched but it didnt.
I try to click on the patch folder, and it's empty??? nothing shows up.
Worked great. Thanks trialanderror. Folks, remember to run the patch as administrator and it'll work fine.
Works great. Thank you for torrenting this bro, though it does need seeded a little more.
torrent works fine, run as admin when you run the patch,antivirus will always detect a virus,its a crack..du`h